Amy Joyce

Amy Joyce

Dr. Amy Joyce joined Animal Health Services in June 2014. As a child, she has lived in southern Indiana, Omaha, Nebraska, and Aiken, South Carolina. She decided to become a veterinarian at 11 years old and never wavered from that goal. After graduating from Clemson University, she attended UGA and obtained her DVM degree in 1999. Soon after, she married her husband and now has 2 boys who enjoy Tae Kwon Do, Cub Scouts, and Legos. Dr. Joyce is an avid reader and cannot be found without her Kindle Fire close by except when she is at Tae Kwon Do, training with her boys. She lives with two cats, Leia and Laval, who use their adorableness to get away with murder…of bugs and toilet paper.


Clemson University, UGA for DVM Degree


16 years