Pet Rescue

Stray’s need love too. Adopt or donate today and save a life

West Marietta and West Cobb Veterinary Clinics are proud to post this detailed list of animal rescue and adoption services in hope of finding good homes for these loving animals.  

Kitty Angel Rescue

Kitty Angel Rescue is committed  to reducing euthanasia in Animal Control facilities by means of rescue, adoption and education. To date, they have rescued nearly 8,500 kitties! They are committed to providing a positive adoption experience for both the adoptive family and new furry family member.  Please donate, volunteer or adopt from their fantastic organization!

Georgia Homeless Pets

Founded in 2010, Georgia Homeless Pets is a private, all volunteer,  non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue organization for dogs and cats in need. Their mission is to save, care for, and place animals into loving homes; promote population control through sterilization; and encourage proper veterinary care,  all in an effort to eliminate the euthanasia of animals in Georgia’s public animal shelters.

Fancy Feline Rescue of the South

Fancy Feline Rescue of the South, a non-profit, no-kill rescue licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, is a small rescue organization with a big heart for the "Fancy Feline" breeds -- particularly Persian, Himalayan, Exotic, Ragdoll, Birman, Maine Coon, Siamese, and other CFA- and TICA-recognized breeds and mixes.

Our goal is to provide tender, loving care and safe-haven for those cats that are abandoned, abused, neglected, or no longer wanted by their owners, and to find appropriate, adoptive forever homes for each. While in our care, Fancy Feline Rescue of the South strives to give one-on-one socialization, providing the individual attention these cats so often need.

We work strictly out of no more than five exclusive foster homes. Those foster homes are carefully screened, home visits are made, and each foster family is required to have no more than four foster cats at any time, thereby allowing individual attention and plenty of TLC for each cat.

Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is dedicated to providing individual attention and the best care possible for our cats. We evaluate each cat as to temperament, fully vet before adoption, and place them with the best adoptive home to meet the needs of the specific cat.

Renegade Rescue Georgia

Floyd Feline Rescue

Floyd Felines Inc’s focus is on cats and kittens (the forgotten step children of the rescue world), because they have fewer rescues helping them. We work closely with Refuge Rescue in order to save as many kitties as possible.

SPOT or Stopping Pet Overpopulation Together is an alliance of dog and cat rescuers, veterinarians and pet lovers that has been formed in Atlanta with one goal in mind — to reduce the number of dogs and cats that are killed in Atlanta area animal shelters. Provides low cost and no cost spay/neuters to low income pet guardians. Puppy in basket

Humane Society of Cobb County

The Humane Society of Cobb County (HSCC) is an independent, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) humane animal welfare charity founded in 1957. We are a no-kill shelter serving Cobb County and the surrounding area.

Our mission is to promote humane welfare and responsible animal guardianship through educational community outreach, shelter, and spay/neuter programs. With the assistance of dedicated, caring volunteers and generous supporters, our programs continue to provide help and hope in the lives of innocent animals in need and the people that care for them.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – ASPCA
Since 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been committed to alleviating pain, fear and suffering in all animals. The ASPCA is the oldest humane organization in America, and was founded by Henry Bergh, a philanthropist and diplomat who recognized the inhumane treatment suffered by many animals in our society.

Humane Society of the United States
The human-animal bond is as old as human history. We cherish our animal companions for their unconditional affection and acceptance. We feel a thrill when we glimpse wild creatures in their natural habitat or in our own backyard. Unfortunately, the human-animal bond has at times been weakened. Humans have exploited some animal species to the point of extinction. Research animals suffer pain and distress in laboratory tests considered necessary for human health or well-being.