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Ways To Save

We offer numerous ways for our customers to lighten the load of pet care.

Health Club Discounts

Any pet who receives the annual vaccinations, preventative physical exams, annual heartworm prevention and diagnostic testing becomes a member for one year. Testing includes heartworm exam and intestinal parasite screening for dogs; Feline Leukemia / Immunodeficiency Virus for cats.

Membership in the HEALTH CLUB REWARD PROGRAM entitles pets to the 30/20/10% discount. Membership is renewable annually with annual physical exam and immunizations.

  • 30% off spay/neuter (for Pups and Kittens under 6 months of age)
  • 20% off preventative physical exams or illness exams during the year
  • 10% off Boarding Services

Public Servant Discount

Fireman, Police, and Military – 5% discount on all services and most supplies.

Senior Citizen Discount

Senior Citizens (65 yrs or older) – 5% discount on all services and most supplies.

Multi-Pet Discount

Pet owning families who keep three or more pets currently vaccinated receive 5% discount on all services and most supplies.