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Start with a Smile!

Hello all and welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy all it has to offer, including this new blog page. We are very excited to be able to share a wealth of information with you!

So what should we talk about on our very first blog???? After thinking about the endless possibilities, I decided to start with the very first thing you will see when you walk into our office…a smile. You will be warmly greeted while we do our best to help you and your furry friend have a first-rate visit.

Speaking of smiles, did you know that your pets smile is just as important as ours is? Left unchecked, dental disease can cause a multitude of issues including heart, kidney and pancreatic disease. The short of it is that tartar on teeth is made up of bacteria, which can get into the bloodstream and surf around until it lands on these vital organs causing sometimes irreversible damage.

By time they are 3 years of age, over 70% of cats and dogs have some form of dental disease. Some symptoms that you may notice are bad breath, tenderness around the mouth, red gums, loose or broken teeth and bleeding from the mouth. Weight loss and poor appetite can also be warning signs. Most dental disease occurs below the gum line, damaging tooth roots and even the jaw bone.

Dental examinations performed by your veterinarian will help to locate dental disease before it becomes an issue. Most pets need a full dental cleaning once yearly, and some more often. During a dental cleaning, Fluffy will be put under anesthetic so your veterinarian can complete a thorough evaluation of the mouth. The teeth will then be scaled and polished, just like we have done at the dentist’s office. If any teeth are damaged they will be surgically extracted.

To celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month this February, we are discounting all professional dental cleanings. Please contact either one of our offices today to schedule your appointment.